Jira to Sparx EA

Sparx Enterprise Architect really shines when you use it to model your architecture by creating connections between elements. If you model your requirements, too, EA let’s you trace your design from the requirement up to the class.

Problem is, when...

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Single-File HTML

Asciidoctor renders good looking HTML pages, but often you don’t have a server to publish the document for others to read. That’s why I render my documents as PDF or publish them to confluence. A single file can easily be...

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Living Documents for Agile Projects

If you describe a solution architecture, your document will be in an unfinished state for a long time. If you are on an agile project, your document will be a living one. There will be always open questions which need...

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The only constant in life is change

Today I will show how to add a change log to your documents. Git is quite good when it comes to log changes, so why not use git to add a table of changes to your document? If your version...

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Beyond HTML

Up until now, the docToolchain build only generates HTML5 output. It looks nice, but sometimes you need different formats. For instance, when you want to share your architecture via mail, a single file format like PDF would be helpful -...

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More about AsciiDoc

With the second blog post of this series, I already mentioned that I love AsciiDoc to create technical documentation, but I didn’t say too much about how to use AsciiDoc.

There is a simple reason for this - other...

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Did you ever wish you had better Diagrams?

Let’s recap what we did so far: in order to kickstart a documentation project, we’ve created a dual gradle / maven asciidoc build with included arc42 template in two languages and easy textual diagram drawing with planUML. That’s already quite...

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Let's add Content!

Through the last blog posts, the build script advanced from a simple asciidoc example to a dual build asciidoc archetype with plantUML.

But when you want to document your project, you also need content. Wouldn’t it be great to have...

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PlantUML with Maven

Let’s add PlantUML to our maven build. I’ll use a slightly different approach. For the gradle build, I referenced the asciidoctor-diagram ruby gem to be used. But there is also a .jar version of it which can be used....

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Simple AsciiDoc Build with Gradle

So I told you to use AsciiDoc to write technical documents because of all the great features.

Today I want to show you how to unleash the power and get started.

Gradle Integration

Let’s first start with Gradle. I...

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Why I don't like Word to write documentation

Don’t get me wrong – MS Word is a great product for many use cases, but most of them are IMHO outdated (like writing a letter) and writing modern documentation is not a use case where MS Word shines.


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Groovy is Java is Groovy...

There still seem to be some Java-Developers who are afraid of mixing their Java codebase with the power of Groovy.

Some time ago, it was a valid argument that the dependency to the groovy-all.jar would blow up the generated application,...

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A Groovy Notebook

From time to time I stumble upon a web application which lets you write notebooks like the ones you know from Mathematica. They let you mix formatted text which explains your code with code snippets. The output of those snippets...

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Serialize a Map as JSON or YAML

When working in a web environment, you often have to transfer arbitrary data like lists or maps as String of the network.

The followin Gist shows how to solve this by serializing a list or map as JSON or YAML....

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Zwei Tage Javaland liegen gerade hinter mir. Zusammen mit Tobias Kraft hatte ich die tolle Gelegenheit unseren Vortrag über Spock und Geb nochmal vor einem größeren Publikum vorzutragen.

Die zwei Tage waren natürlich vollgepackt mit Vorträgen, gutem Essen und...

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Domain Class Diagrams for Grails Projects

A Grails project can quickly grow into larger applications. In order to still keep an overview, some architecture documentation is quite useful. One of the most useful diagrams to dive into an application is the domain class diagrams which shows...

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A Fool with a Tool is still a Fool...

…but sometimes the tool makes a difference!

I just came back from an interesting 3 day workshop on which I had a first chance to make use of my drawing equipment I bought recently. Originally, I wanted to draw some...

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Spock-Reports with Templates

The new template engine for the Spock-Reports-Plugin is out. Let’s build an asciidoc template with it.

Step 1: configure the plugin

Renato describes this step in detail on the Plugin Homepage. I’ve placed the properties file in Read More

Starting a new Blog

Just started my new blog. I’ve already had several blogs with more or less success, so why do I now start another? First of all because I don’t what to be a ghost developer.

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